Thursday Nights will be coming back to Colosseum in September 2016 with a whole new Thursday Night.

Saturday 7/23/16

The Prince & Zac Richards x Sir Matty V

Sunday 7/24/16

Zach Pona x Zac Richards


Saturday - July 23, 2016
The Prince & Zac Richards x Sir Matty V




180 Pine Street - Providence RI

Sunday - July 24, 2016
Teen Event Patio Foam Party - Zach Pona x Zac Richards




Teen Event Patio Foam Party

Music provided by Dj's Zach Pona and Zac Richards

water soda juice $1
redbull $3

Q&A 401-316-4299




$12 before 9pm $15 after 9pm


180 Pine Street - Providence RI

dj's x special guests

Aleka has always been fascinated by music; however, she wasn’t always interested in what main stream pop culture had to offer. Growing up in a small town, EDM was not popular to say the least. Although this stigma surrounded Aleka, she did not ignore her instant connection with dance music. Aleka’s interest was sparked and she whole heartedly delved into EDM; keenly listening to tracks from artists such as ATB, Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Tiesto, to name a few. Aleka immediately had a special place in her heart for electronic dance music, the unique sound that comprises it, and the spreading of positive vibes it emanates. As a naturally independent person, she knew she craved to try her hand at DJing for a live audience. In the summer of 2010, Aleka began DJing, learning quickly and adapting to the tastes of her audience while still staying true to the music with which she has become enamored. Since that summer, Aleka has DJed in various venues located in Boston, New Hampshire, and Providence. Her set lists are contrived of an intricate mixture of top 40 remixes, deep house, tech house, electro-house, progressive and trance; indeed a recipe to get the crowd’s hearts racing and bodies moving. What truly inspires Aleka is to share the elation she feels from electronic music and transfer it to her crowd. She is incredibly passionate about the music she plays and always strives to be at the top of her game. Aleka has held various residencies throughout New Hampshire and Boston. She has also founded the Boston Trance Movement. Aleka is making quite a stir as an up and coming DJ in the New England area and is surely something that has gained the attention of the EDM scene.
Art Beatz is a DJ/Producer/Remixer whose creativity and passion for music keeps him working around the clock. “I wake up in the middle of the night to compose a beat,” he says. The Baghdad-born, Worcester, Massachusetts-based creates a sound all his own by bringing together the music of his homeland of Iraq with the current sounds of House/Electro/Dance/Pop. He also draws inspiration from the work of past masters. Art’s brother Bassam, who learned to play music on a church organ in Baghdad, taught him to play music by ear. Art now composes beautiful pieces whenever he sits down at anything with keys, be it a baby grand piano or a Korg Triton keyboard in his home studio. His mastery of Logic Pro allows him to create music in nearly any location. In addition to recording at the Art Beatz Studio, Art recorded with acts at the prestigious Long View Farm Studios, which has hosted greats such as the The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Mos Def, as well Cybersound in Boston. Art Beatz record “Go Crazy” with Ariez Onasis ft. Fatman Scoop & Clinton Sparks has gained airplay on Boston’s JAM’N 94.5 and other national radios in 2011. His latest Electro/House banger “Riot” has been supported by djs all around the world. Beatz has also produced for major artists Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, Lil Jon, Fatman Scoop, Clinton Sparks, Tamer Hosny, and Jae Millz.
Artie has a serious passion for music and djing. He started his career and his first gig in the year 2000 in Somerville, MA at a small local bar called Hannah's. Even in a smaller venue, Artie’s style and skills to perform a flawless house and trance set with the ability to pack the dance floors as well as big name Boston DJs. After Hannah's, Artie started spinning at local bars in his hometown of Taunton, MA but knew this wasn't where his heart was and wanted more than anything to play in downtown Boston!! Artie’s first big break came in 2003, when he was asked to cover for another dj at the Blarney Stone in Boston, MA. Needless to say, he rocked the house and that one night and turned into a four year residency with a packed house every weekend! This really allowed Artie to master the art of reading a crowd and paved the way for bigger venues down the road. As Artie continued to build his resume and network from this gig, he was asked to dj at other locations in downtown Boston. He started to frequently spin at The Harp, Ned Devine’s, Tavern in the Square and other spots around the infamous faneuil hall – truly showing his ability to spin across multiple genre’s and for various types of crowds. It was In 2006 that Artie’s DJ career turned from him seeking gigs to his talents being sought after. Artie was contacted through myspace to dj at a newly renovated Kitty O'Shea's. He was asked to take on a new residency and was eventually promoted to Resdient DJ and Booking agent responsible for entertainment at Kitty’s. Even though he’s certainly gained the recognition of his peers and the Boston nightlife, Artie’s still hungry and always looking for new opportunities to showcase his skills. Please read his resume of venues located on his Facebook fan page for references.If you want to get in touch with Artie for a private event or to discuss club opportunities – see his contact information. "When all else fails, I turn to the music" ~Artie V
derek the prince
Derek "The Prince" Cardoza represents house music to the fullest everytime he hits the tables. With beats originating from New York, Miami, and Europe, his fresh sound is one that separates him from the rest. His ability to adapt to any crowd without changing his style of music exhibits his true talent as a performer. He has creatively integrated different genres of music seamlessly into his mixes bringing the average listener’s energy to an all time high. Derek made his debut three years ago and has significantly dominated the house scene in Rhode Island. Not only did he help rejuvenate the scene but he has kept it alive because of the effort he puts forth in each set he spins.
dirty dek
bio coming soon
bio coming soon
Dj and Producer Remixer from Providence, Rhode Island.
jackie treehorn
bio coming soon
joe bermudez
Attention all passengers: Prepare for a wild landing. You’re about to enter the Bermudez triangle. This is where the melody hits your chest like a crashing wave, where the pulsing bass rocks your head like a hurricane, and where – get ready! – you’ll be lost forever in the sea of the dance floor. Joe Bermudez is your guide on this head-trip, and he knows just where to take you. The Boston based DJ has emerged as one of the hottest talents on the global club scene, a sonic triple threat that brings the goods: the sound, the look, and the (lack of) attitude. Whether he’s spinning live at clubs and festivals, remixing for the biggest names in music (Britney, Rihanna, Ke$ha and just about anyone else you know by first name alone), or just sitting back and looking damn pretty, Bermudez has amassed a worldwide following for his seamless sets, pitch perfect productions, and willingness to play to the crowd: not his ego. “By starting in radio, I learned how to program music for the masses,” explains Bermudez. At just 18 years old, on his own and without a paycheck, Bermudez was ballsy enough to walk into a local radio station and demand they hire him. Lucky for the rest of us, they listened. And while he hasn’t left radio behind, today Joe is the one being pursued; he’s got a syndicated show called the Mass Movement for starters. But most importantly, his introduction to the music world set his expectations high and his ear planted firmly to the floor. “By having a bigger audience from the start, I quickly learned how to keep a lot of people happy with what I play,” says Bermudez. “Even in my underground mixes, there’s an element of pop that attracts people who normally wouldn’t listen to the genre.” A refreshing lack of pretense, and his willingness to cross genre boundaries, has been hugely influential in Bermudez’ meteoric rise throughout the ranks of international DJs. He has been consistantly been named one of the Top DJs in the country by DJ Times (besting even legendary names like Junior Vasquez, Roger Sanchez and Felix da Housecat), and has been nominated for multiple IDMA’s for Best Radio Mix Show DJ (alongside Tiesto, Pete Tong and Above & Beyond). He’s continued to churn out remixed and productions for major industry names, adding name upon name to his list of heavy-hitting clients. And then, of course, there are those baby brown eyes. Besides his killer club music, Bermudez’ look and personality are also a big part of the attraction. Like the music he spins, the DJ is warm and approachable, high energy and always ready for a good time. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that flocks of female fans (and hey, more than a few guys) swoon over Bermudez’ physical attributes. Even a simple Google search turns up more than a few remarks of the “what a hottie!” “soooo cute” and “OMG I LIKE TOTALLY LUV HIM LOL” variety. Still, whether it’s his victories in the DJ booth or success with the ladies, Bermudez takes it all in stride. “It’s all about the music for me,” says Bermudez. “I love being able to see the world by spinning at clubs all over the globe. But all I need is a crowd that loves what I’m doing. To keep them moving all night long, that’s the greatest perk of all.” Perk up, baby. The audience is listening.
Ju Lee
Ju Lee - Boston, MA.
justin dupont
New England's very own DJ DuPont ///// Volume Productions || BASS WAVE || Tuesday Tunez
louie fiaola jr
bio coming soon
michael savant
bio coming soon
Experience the most professional and incredible performance that New England offers with DJ Screwloose. Born and raised in East Providence, DJ Screwloose first started creating his innovative style during eighth grade – gaining further passion and expertise during his high school years. His musical style ranges from different genres such as dubstep, trap, tech/minimal house, rock, progressive, hip-hop, rap, and electro. DJ Screwlooses’ experience has led him to create a unique signature of fresh, enthralling, and contagious beats. It’s crucial to find an established and dedicated deejay, and DJ Screwloose ensures that his customers are always satisfied.

Screwloose has been the featured DJ at major college events throughout the East Coast such as Stonehill College, UMass Amherst, Brown University, UNH, Bryant, and Johnson and Wales, Syracuse and more. At the University of Rhode Island, he has spun six formals, the Memorial Union Big Bang Party with over 3,000 students, and numerous graduation parties. Screwloose also produces his own remix's & bootlegs that are always crowd pleasers, not to mention an ep of Original mix's that are expected to be released by 2014.

Screwloose has spun at Life in Color (formally known as DayGlow) – the world’s largest paint party – in Providence, RI, Worcester, MA, Syracuse, NY, Kingston, RI, Albany, NY, and many more. Screwloose has also spun along side many celebrities and top djs such as Laidback luke, Hardwell, Dada life, Nicky Romero, Armin Van buuren, & More. With close to ten years of experience along with his renowned notoriety, Screwloose has created the title of being an exceptional, hard-working, and irreplaceable artist.
the freshcutkid
Steve Paiva, known to you, as “TheFreshCutKid” is a coming of age DJ making a name for himself playing various EDM venues throughout the New England area. Currently 30 years old, F*CK, his signature moniker, is somewhat of a late bloomer. A career barber, Steve became more heavily involved in the house music scene in recent years, attending DJ shows and raves, often following the biggest acts. Because his haircuts were truly of an artist’s hands including his own, a friend jokingly called him “Fresh Cut Kid”. He liked it, so that’s what he became and began to work on his brand. Using his preferable Pioneer DDJ-SX for convenience or industry standard Pioneer CDJ's and an always epic setlist F*CK will impress every time effortlessly blending electronic perfection over rhythmic cuts of synergy. An obsessive studio rat F*CK spends most his time working on new mixes, finding new sounds and developing various forms of creative inflows. F*CK currently holds residency at The Colosseum Providence, RI's #1 Night Club! Norwich, CT’s Evil Olive Café and is often a guest DJ for fellow up and comers at various locations within the Boston/Providence area.
vito corleone
Vito Corleone the #BANGAaaa is a Open Format DJ based out of Providnce RI
From Rhode Island, USA


Are there any group discounts?
Yes contact 401-316-4299
Do you have a Rave Party?
Yes Saturday nights in The Ruins & Abyss
Do You have Teen Nights?
Yes. Ages 15-18 we offer teen nights during school vacations and during the Summer. NO Alcohol is at any of our bars during Teen Nights
Do you offer a College discount?
Thurs Night College ID’s and 21+ get $5 admission
Do you offer a Ladies Night?
Ladies are FREE till 11pm on Thurs & Fri
Do you offer a Military discount?
Yes, show your Military ID at door
Does Colosseum have a Valet service?
How can I rent Colosseum for a night?
Call 401-316-4299
How many people can fit in a Vip area?
10-15 and we also have a table that can accommodate 30 people.
How much is admission?
Wednesday is Free till 10:30 then $5. Thurs, Fri. Sat is $10
I have a photo that I’d like to be removed what is the quickest way to have it removed?
send an inbox message to The Colosseum’s Fan Page and describe the Album title including date and the exact number of the photo.
I lost my license where is the lost and found?
Call 401.316.4299
Is Champagne allowed in Vip?
Yes Champagne can be served
What are the age restrictions?
18+ Always unless a Teen Party is scheduled.
What days are Colosseum open?
Friday & Saturday - Thursday Nights will come back in September 2016 with an all new night
What is the dress code at Colosseum?
The dress code that is NOT ALLOWED for Thursday, Friday and Saturday upstairs at Colosseum is:
+ hats
+ steel toe boots
+ work boots
+ shorts (in Autumn/Winter)
+ athletic wear
+ baggy jeans
+ oversized shirts
+ big oversized mens chains
+ white t-shirts
+ hoodies
+ camouflage print pants or shirts
+ sandals or flip flops (males)
+ (male) tank tops (Autumn/Winter) + underwear exposure

Wednesday Night for BassWave and Sat Night downstairs in DGAF there is a more relaxed dress code. In the event that we are having a water themed party during the spring and summer months we will allow summer/beach attire such as swimsuits, tank tops, flip flops, sandals. (see calendar and promotional ads to see when the water themed parties are)
What time do you stop letting people in?
Wed/Thurs 12:30 Fri/Sat 1am
What time does Colosseum open?
10pm. The Colosseum opens at 10pm and closes at 1am on Wed/Thurs Nights. The Colosseum closes at 3am on Friday/Sat. Nights
What type of Vip table Service do you offer?
Bottle Service is illegal in Providence. The Colosseum offers 4 packages for VIP table service:

$240 Package
20 Drinks
4 complimentary admissions while the others pay a reduced admission of $5.

$360 Package
30 Drinks
6 complimentary admissions while the others pay a reduced admission of $5.

$480 Package
40 drinks
8 complimentary admissions while the others pay a reduced admission of $5.

$600 Package
50 Drinks
10 complimentary admissions while the others pay a reduced admission of $5.

Where are your videos posted?



180 Pine Street, Providence Rhode Island, 02903






Always 18+ (Teen Parties are 15-18)

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Influenced by Providence's hailed Renaissance movement, The Colosseum was born. Emersing you in a decadent design inspired by ancient Roman and Greek culture, this Colossal structure currently houses three Nightclubs and an outdoor Patio that rivals any in the Northeast.

The Ruins (downstairs) - A live music venue and truly insane nightclub experience. The Ruins is an intense journey into light and sound synergy. Featuring the hottest bands from every Genre. Check out our monthly calendar to see all upcoming show dates. Stay tuned for upcoming promotions. The Ruins also holds the largest weekly DubStep / Electro Dance party every Saturday night. DGAF Saturdays is always 18+

Mythology (upstairs) - A posh Epi-Center of Rhode Island Nightlife. Come and dance in a nightclub fit for gods and goddesses, featuring some of the world's biggest dj's spinning House, Mashups and top 40 dance remixes. Indulge yourself in one our luxurious VIP booths, with the attentive service you deserve.

The Arena (upstairs) - An extension of Mythology the Arena is a true party destination. Events in the Arena, range from Foam Parties, Wet T-Shirt Contests, Jello Wrestling, Midget Wrestling and Lingerie Fashion Shows are just a few of the weekly events for our patrons to enjoy. When creating the arena it was designed with the intention of throwing the wettest and wildest parties in RI. We even installed a full drainage system in the room, The Arena is ready for anything!

Outdoor Patio has a Full service bar and holds 200 people. we offer Dj’s outside in the Summer time

Abyss is adjacent to the Ruins with a Black Granite Tile Dance floor with LED lights designed in between the granite tiles.


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180 Pine Street, Providence Rhode Island, 02903

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$240 Package
20 Drinks
4 complimentary admissions while the others pay a reduced admission of $5.

$360 Package
30 Drinks
6 complimentary admissions while the others pay a reduced admission of $5.

$480 Package
40 drinks
8 complimentary admissions while the others pay a reduced admission of $5.

$600 Package
50 Drinks
10 complimentary admissions while the others pay a reduced admission of $5.

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