Are there any group discounts?
Yes contact 401-316-4299
Do You have Teen Nights?
Yes. Ages 15-18 we offer teen nights during school vacations and during the Summer. NO Alcohol is at any of our bars during Teen Nights
Do you offer a Military discount?
Yes, show your Military ID at door
Does Colosseum have a Valet service?
How can I rent Colosseum for a night?
Call 401-316-4299
How many people can fit in a Vip area?
10-15 and we also have a table that can accommodate 30 people.
How much is admission?
Admission is $10 Friday & Saturday.
I have a photo that I’d like to be removed what is the quickest way to have it removed?
send an inbox message to The Colosseum’s Fan Page and describe the Album title including date and the exact number of the photo.
I lost my license where is the lost and found?
Call 401.316.4299
Is Champagne allowed in Vip?
Yes Champagne can be served
What are the age restrictions?
18+ Always unless a Teen Party is scheduled.
What days are Colosseum open?
Friday & Saturday - Thursday Nights are coming back soon.
What is the dress code at Colosseum?
The dress code that is NOT ALLOWED upstairs at Colosseum is:
+ hats
+ steel toe boots
+ work boots
+ shorts (in Autumn/Winter)
+ athletic wear
+ baggy jeans
+ oversized shirts
+ big oversized mens chains
+ white t-shirts
+ hoodies
+ camouflage print pants or shirts
+ sandals or flip flops (males)
+ (male) tank tops (Autumn/Winter) + underwear exposure

What time do you stop letting people in?
Friday & Saturday 1am
What time does Colosseum open?
Opens 10pm. Colosseum closes at 3am on Friday & Saturday Nights
What type of VIP table service do you offer?
$240 Package
20 Drinks

$360 Package
30 Drinks

$480 Package
40 drinks

$600 Package
50 Drinks

Where are your videos posted?